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Project management courses 29 Apr 2011
Do you wonder how these new PMs succeed in their first projects? Here is what you are going to benefit from taking a project management course.
IT project management 28 Apr 2011
IT project management is not executed as regular project managements. It requires many other factors in order to be done effectively, see how.
Project management scope 14 Apr 2011
A good project manager is the person who is able to plan an accurate and effective project management scope, see how you can be one.
Successful project management 30 Mar 2011
Did you ever ask yourself why most managers can't execute a successful project management plan? One of the reasons is they lack the right understanding.
Project manager training 28 Mar 2011
“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” George Bernard Shaw. Take a step forward and attend a project manager training.
Project management training 17 Mar 2011
In order for a manager to run a successful project, he needs to get the right project management training. See what you should expect from such training.
The role of a project manager 13 Jan 2011
The role of a project manager is primarily to communicate, particpate and co-ordinate work across departments to accomplish organizational goals.
Project tracking software 2 Sep 2010
Project tracking software are applications that track how much time is spent on different projects and tasks.
Project Management Methodology: Back to basics 31 Aug 2010
Educated project managers split their projects into phases with documents produced at each phase as part of the project management methodology.
role team leader 30 Aug 2010
Team leaders play a very important role in the development and encouragement of a team. It is their job to maintain the team spirit and morale of their team.
Engineering change management: The process 23 Aug 2010
Engineering change management is a component of project management that can help you minimize cost and increase benefits. Read on for more information.
A brief introduction to change control procedure 16 Aug 2010
Change control procedure pertains to the process of handling changes to an item or project. Proper change control procedure is critical for a project's success.
Pmp project management 12 Jul 2010
PMP project management qualification can be really critical for a successful career. Find more on this and also the exams structure.
Quality control plan: What you need to know? 9 Jun 2010
A quality control plan is an important tool in project management to ensure that projects are consistent and that they fulfill the client’s expectations.
PMO software 8 Jun 2010
PMO software can be really helpful in order to help you cut down costs and increase revenue. Find out how to choose the best software for your needs.
Construction scheduling software 8 Jan 2010
Resources that will help you learn more on building scheduling software
Key performance indicator 28 May 2009
Key Performance Indicators or KPI are quantifiable measurements that reflect the critical success factors of an organization. They reveal a high-level snapshot of the organization.
Project Life Cycle 27 May 2009
The Project Life Cycle refers to a logical sequence of activities to accomplish a project's goals or objectives. There are four basic phases in a project.
Project Management Tools 24 Jan 2009
Project management tools including tips, training, software reviews, downloadable templates and more
Internal rate of return 14 Dec 2007
The Internal Rate of Return (IRR) is the discount rate that generates a zero net present value for a series of future cash flows.

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