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FMEA 3 Oct 2007
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA) is a method to analyze potential reliability problems in the development cycle of a project.
Time management skills 28 Sep 2007
The secret to managing time successfully is being able to manage yourself, although we often think we don't waste a minute of our time in reality this is far from true and there are many ways which we can manage ourselves more efficiently which ultimately leads to more successful time management.
Project Management Software 4 Apr 2007
The typical IT project management software packages are not suitable for all projects. Choosing the right package can be tricky.
Kick-off meeting 4 Apr 2007
Once a project team is built, an excellent way to make sure milestones and goals are efficiently accomplished is by fostering good communication among project team members on a continuous basis. Team meetings are, indeed, a crucial communication method when working with teams. The first project team meeting, also known as the project ‘kick-off meeting’, is of extreme importance because it is the time when the project goals and expectations are clarified, roles are defined, and team members can meet one another. A vital part of any project, this first meeting is normally held right after the project has been awarded, and often even before base lining the project plan.
Risk Analysis 28 Mar 2007
A good planning phase for a project includes many things like time analysis, assignments of the tasks, quality plan... and among them it also includes a risk analysis which consists primarily of a collective brain storming involving all project team. It is recommended to be done after the plan has been elaborated. You can also conduct a technical feasibility analysis which is an easy-job for experienced people. They can detect most risks.
Project Management Office 28 Mar 2007
Over the past ten years the number and rate of implementations of PMOs (Project Management Offices) has been consistently increasing as organizations have begun to regard themselves as project-oriented entities. Possibly the most important business driver behind this trend is the globalized fast-paced marketplace which forces firms that want to keep up with customer expectations, competition, and shifting economic conditions to perform more and more efficiently using fewer resources. This article describes the essentials of PMO and provides readers with some guidelines to successfully establish a PMO.
Total Quality Management definition 2 Mar 2007
Project planning 26 Feb 2007
Pert diagram definition 26 Feb 2007
Resource effectiveness 26 Feb 2007
Engineering change order 14 Feb 2007
Being an essential component of Engineering Change Management, an ECO is a written document authorizing to incorporate changes in the scope of the engineering process.
Effectiveness 14 Feb 2007
Effectiveness indicator 14 Feb 2007
Preventive action 12 Feb 2007
PDCA cycle 12 Feb 2007
The PDCA Cycle (Plan, Do, Check, Act), commonly known as the Demming wheel, is a well known model for CPI, or continual process improvement.
Concept Testing 9 Feb 2007
Concept testing is an endeavor used in identifying early on potentially successful products.
Advance Product Quality Planning definition 9 Feb 2007
Business case definition 2 Feb 2007
Business case justification 2 Feb 2007
The Business Case forms the foundation for any proposed venture or project. It establishes the need, justification and proposed alternatives to resolving a business issue or strategic objective.
Business case justification (definition) 2 Feb 2007

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