Recent articles on project management

ABC -Activity Based Costing definition 16 Nov 2006
Business plan 31 Oct 2006
One of the major advantages of a business plan is that it helps make better day-to-day decisions. But, how? Well, thatís something we will unveil in this article
Tip library 23 Oct 2006
This section contains project management tips and tricks that we have found helpful for managing projects. It answers many questions that our student are asking during project seminars.
Time Management 5 Oct 2006
Good time management is essential for a successful project. We've prepared a series of articles on effective time management using simple, habit-forming techniques that require little investment in time and resources. Interested? Start off with learning the basics.
Project Closure Phase 1 Oct 2006
The project Closure Phase is the last phase of a Project. It starts upon completion of all Project Objectives and acceptance of the end product by the customer. Having a formal closure is the key to avoid disputes with a customer or with an internal client and it helps improve the efficiency of the next projects.

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