Failure Modes and Effects Analysis (FMEA)
Process Name:
Team Leader: Page No:
Process Potential Failure Mode S Potential Causes O Current Controls D RPN Actions Recommended Actions Taken


Process - What are the process steps? (scale 1-10)
Potential Failure Mode - In what ways can the process step go wrong? (scale 1-10)
S - How severe is the effect on the customer? (scale 1-10)
Potential Causes - What are the causes of the Failure Mode? (scale 1-10)
O - How often does the Cause or Failure Mode occur? (scale 1-10)
Current Controls - What are the existing controls and procedures that prevent the Cause or Failure Mode? (scale 1-10)
D - How well can you detect the Cause or Failure Mode? (scale 1-10)
RPN - Calculated (scale 1-10)
Actions Recommended - What are the actions for reducing the occurrence, decreasing severity or improving detection? (scale 1-10)
Actions Taken - Who is responsible for the recommended action? (scale 1-10)

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