Glossary of Project Management Terms

Our glossary of project management let you find the terms and definitions that are commonly used in business and project management. Use the form below to find a term.

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PERT stands for Program evaluation and review technique. It is also called "critical path method". It is an event-oriented planning aid, usually computerized used to estimate project ...
Pert diagram
see PERT definition
Planning (Project planning)
See Program Management Office
PMO charter
The PMO charter is the organizational mandate for the PMO to exist. A charter defines the role, purpose and functions of the PMO. It articulates who the PMO's sponsors and customers are, ...
Poka Yoke (Mistake proofing)
Poka-yoke is a low-cost and highly effective way to reduce mistakes and boost quality. It is applicable for virtually all companies, all industries and all technologies. ...
Portfolio Management
A business process by which a business unit decides on the mix of active projects, staffing and dollar budget allocated to each project, for example, the responsibility of an operations manager of a ...
Preventive action
Corrective and Preventive Action are concepts within Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP). Long term cost / risk weighted action taken to prevent a problem from ...
Process Capability
1- Statistical definition: a statistical measure of the inherent process variability for a given characteristic. The most widely accepted formula for process capability is the 6 sigma range of common ...
Process Development
Process Development is defining and developing a manufacturing process to accommodate the specific requirements of a given product while meeting process quality and cost objectives. ...
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