Glossary of Project Management Terms

Our glossary of project management let you find the terms and definitions that are commonly used in business and project management. Use the form below to find a term.

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s Curve
The curve of cumulative project cost plotted against time, which, in practice, typically follows the shape of the letter "S": the beginning represents a slow, deliberate but accelerating start, ...
The project timeline, identifying the dates (absolute or relative to a start date) that project tasks will be started and completed, resources will be required and upon which milestones will be ...
A scorecard is an evaluation device, usually in the form of a questionnaire, that specifies the criteria that stakeholders will use to rate your performance in satisfying their requirements.
see Statement of Work
A document intended primarily for use in procurement, which clearly and accurately describes the essential and technical requirements for items, materials, or services, including the procedures by ...
The project sponsor is the executive who manages, administers, monitors, funds, and is responsible for the overall project delivery. The sponsor may be owner, financier, client... or their delegate.
A portion or phase of the product development process with a clear objective of milestone that ends with a stage-gate review before authority is granted to proceed with the next stage or phase.
Stakeholders are the specific people or groups who have a stake, or an interest, in the outcome of the project. Normally stakeholders are from within the company, and could include internal clients, ...
Statement of Work
Statement of Work is a narrative description of products and services to be supplied under contract or as part of a project.
Steering committee
A Steering Committee is a group of high-level stakeholders who are responsible for providing guidance on overall strategic direction. They are usually composed of the decision makers in a company.
s C|Str|

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