How IT project management works

You probably wonder why IT project management differs from other types of project management. As this industry is not old as others, it has some requirements and specification in order to run properly. Because the information technology industry is growing in an unbelievable pace, it is very hard to come up with new ideas that no one though of before and yet still represent a need for customers.

IT project management
Every thing starts with a plan, and so IT project management.

Although, the biggest question every one ask is whether an IT project manager needs to be technically savvy or not. First letís see what are the requirements of: letís say a software development project. In order for software to be developed correctly it needs these components: plan, design, programming, testing, management and quality control. While IT project management runs differently from others, an IT project manager should be aware of:

1- Time and effort: every project needs a specific amount of time and effort in order to be completed properly. These 2 factors are different when it comes to software development. A PM should know exactly how much work and time is required to complete various project tasks. This couldnít be estimated unless the manager knows exactly how much it take for a programmer or a designer to complete a specific task.

2- Vision: if you are developing new software which you are not aware of its impact on customers, then itís impossible to run a successful project management. A PM should have the pig picture of the software and all of its functionalities in order to be able to discuss it with his team in meetings.

3- IT skills: as IT project management requires more work for PMs, a PM should have a background in IT development methods. Above all the regular skills that a project manager should have, testing methods and IT tools are required to complete an IT project successfully.

As you may have seen IT projects require some extra work for the PM. Many experts emphasize that 2 thirds of the entire IT projects fail. They mean by fail that the product developed doesnít meet the customer requirements and needs or that the project exceeded the time frame or the budget specified in the beginning. If you want to run a successful IT project management then you need to be in control of every thing in your project including the technical stuff.

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