The benefits of the PFMEA

Process Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (PFMEA) is a method to assess production processes weaknesses and potential effects of process failure on the product being produced.

PFMEA emphasizes the importance of actions that can be taken to eliminate or reduce the potential causes leading to the process failures. However, it has been observed that manufacturing engineers are too occupied with how to make things work and thus fail to consider the potential pitfalls. Thus, it is imperative that PFMEA is conducted throughout the process and should be revised whenever a change has been made to it.

PFMEA ensures that the manufactured products are met with the engineered product specifications and that the process defects do not result in product safety problems in the field.

PFMEA starts with reviewing the process, followed by brainstorming potential failure modes and listing their possible effects. A Risk Priority Numbers (RPN) to potential failures is then calculated, based on three independent scales: Occurrence, Detection and Severity. It follows by a development of an action plan which is implemented and the potential failures re-evaluated.

PFMEA assists project managers in combating with time constraints and provides an in-depth analysis of the manufacturing process. It cuts down the product development and design times, lowers cost and improves design for programs.

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