Telework gains in popularity for executives and top professionals

Companies start offering telework to executives and top professionals, a work style typically offered to lower-wage employees who don't have to be on-site to be effective.

Pathlore Software Corp. did their best for 6 years to make Lee Maxey accept their job offer which he didn't until they decided to offer him the chance to work for them from his home. That was the moment when they won him on their side as a chief learning officer.

They had to make this comprmise because, like they said, they need people with experience and most of people who have it are established and they don't want to move to another town. So the only way companies can get them is by allowing them to work from home.

Pathlore Software Corp. has a third of its employees working by telework. Laptops and internet made the things way easier and people started to communicate easier so they can even work from large distances.

But this firm is not the only example that exists in this domain. Facts show that there are many companies that use telework to hire people and people who gain their money like this. And because communication would be impossible without broadband, e-mail, etc, the number of high-speed lines in the United States rose to about 30 million since 1999, up from just under 5 million, according to Business 2.0 magazine.

From Boston globe

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