Pmp project management

Pmp project management

PMP project management qualification can be really critical for a successful career. Find more on this and also the exams structure.

Engineering change management: The process

Engineering change management is a component of project management that can help you minimize cost and increase benefits. Read on for more information.

Project Management Tools

Project management tools including tips, training, software reviews, downloadable templates and more

Project management Home

Project management training and resources for planning, organizing, scheduling and managing projects successfully.

A brief introduction to change control procedure

Change control procedure pertains to the process of handling changes to an item or project. Proper change control procedure is critical for a project's success.

The role of a project manager

The role of a project manager is primarily to communicate, particpate and co-ordinate work across departments to accomplish organizational goals.

Successful project management

Did you ever ask yourself why most managers can't execute a successful project management plan? One of the reasons is they lack the right understanding.

Project management training

In order for a manager to run a successful project, he needs to get the right project management training. See what you should expect from such training.

Project management scope

A good project manager is the person who is able to plan an accurate and effective project management scope, see how you can be one.

Project management courses

Do you wonder how these new PMs succeed in their first projects? Here is what you are going to benefit from taking a project management course.

Project manager training

“Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.” George Bernard Shaw. Take a step forward and attend a project manager training.

IT project management

IT project management is not executed as regular project managements. It requires many other factors in order to be done effectively, see how.


Project management training

‘Project Management Training’ refers to practical, real-world, hands-on experience training that lead to effective and successful project management.

Project Teamwork

Project management resources - Project Teamwork

Project Management

Project Management is the acquired knowledge and skills applied using a formal set of tools and techniques to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control and close projects.

Project Quality Plan

Project Quality, project quality plan, Quality Assurance Project Plan. Best practices and resources

Project management directory

Our Project management directory includes sites on project management, project management software, management consulting, engineering, associations and more.

Business plan

One of the major advantages of a business plan is that it helps make better day-to-day decisions. But, how? Well, that’s something we will unveil in this article


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