Why you should write a strong business case justification

Why you should write a strong business case justification
A business case justification explains the need for mission-critical projects in terms senior management understands.

A strong business case must be built very carefully because only like this it can lead to a good conclusion and it can reveal the risks or the succes from it's end.

From the very beginning of a business case, you must know exactly what it's all about. This means you must calculate and perfectly understand it's costs, it's implications, it's benefits and risks. This means that, as enthusiastic as you can be, you must do your best to be objective and to accept the idea that even you can be wrong sometimes, and that even one of your ideas can lead to failure.

It's not such a big thing after all...we are all humans, and we all make mistakes. But we must keep in mind that the biggest mistakes we make are not caused by our exagerated imagination or by our dreaming, but by our lack of objectivity regarding our strenght, dexterity and limits.

It's a good thing to dream that your business will grow larger and larger by night. But it's better to come up with an idea that can really lead to that. And good ideas always involve a comprehensive view into the benefits and risks of the project.

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