Clarify the Project Goal

goal setting This is the first step, and the most important one in order to develop a good project. Answer yourself to the following questions: What is the desired end result of your project? What problem will this project solve? What need will it fill? How will this project change the way we do our business? It might sound silly but many people cannot answer because they are not used to think like this.

To succeed in a project, you must mentally start at the finish . . . and work backward. For example, when you work to complete a puzzle you begin by analysing the picture that you must obtain. This means you begin with the end, with the goal, the final destination.

Most projects are based on team work. If the project team lacks a clear goal, even excellent skills and the best equipment will not be sufficient to ensure the team's success. So it's doesn't really matter how good you are if you don't know how to use it and what for. If you don't point people in the right direction, if you don't give them the big picture (for instance, showing them the picture on the jigsaw puzzle box), if you can't get them to imagine how they would feel using the product or service (the end result of your project), you are locked into an activity trap!

When you set your project goal you must focus yourself and your team on the target. Try to create agreement, commitment, and energy for the project goal. When you do something that you like, or that you care about, you will do it right. But if you don't care at all about your work, you will surelly loose precious time.

Also if I were you, I would talk and accept ideas and advices from all team members. This helps to create a compelling vision of the project's end result and its value to the organization. Second, it begins the building of a shared passion about the project that will drive the team's desire to get the job done in exceptional fashion.

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