Kick-Off Meeting

A meeting at the beginning of the project or at the beginning of a major phase of the project to align peoples' understanding of project objectives, procedures and plans, and to begin the team-building process.

A kick-off meeting is typically a workshop type meeting and it may last from 1 to 3 days. It generally include several activities such as a project charter, a business plan review, team building exercises, a team charter, risk analysis...

How to conduct a kick-off meeting ?

A typical project planning kick-off meeting agenda covers the following aspects of a project:

  • Build a project framework: what are the project objectives ? who are the stakeholders ? What are the criteria for successful completion ? What are the business objectives ?
  • Update the business plan or business case
  • Organize the project governance: Who does what? What are the responsibilities of each member? what are the reporting procedures?
  • Build or revise the master planning (key milestones, sequence of activities, dependencies...)
  • Initiate the risk analysis
  • Team building activities
  • Define the quality management plan, and in particular the change control procedures
This agenda template can be adapted to any particular priority. For better efficiency, it is recommended to have an external consultant conduct the meeting.

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