Why over-delivering should be part of your project plan

Over-delivering has become the buzz word in internet marketing circles, and thereís good reason for that. Going beyond the expected requirements of a project not only gives your team a sense of accomplishment (especially if it is a tough project), but it also raises the bar and motivates the team to work harder and better. Ideally, over-delivering should not be part of the initial solution but something that is factored into the internal project requirements. Subsequently, it should be monitored, the additional requirements evaluated and milestones (if any) realized just as other components of the project.

Over-delivering isnít always easy. For one, it sets a standard that you are then expected to follow, and this can turn into a vicious cycle if not taken care off. Instead of blowing the roof and doing twice the amount of required work, keep the over-delivering to a maximum of 10 to 20 percent of the total work. This sort of value-added delivery not only endears you in the eyes of your clients / superiors, it automatically adds to the benefits you and your team receive as a result. In the long run, a committed approach to over-delivering on your projects will afford you more clients, and within an organization, a reputation for doing the best work. That can only help you and your career.

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