The Criteria to Use-

When you work to establish the project goal in end user outcome terms, you will find it very helpful to state the goal in terms of five-the most important elements.You can find these characteristics in the term POWER, an acronym for the aspects of a goal that are likely to provide focus and create commitment for the project. POWER goals are pinpointed, owned, well defined, energizing, and resource framed.

POWER means:

- Pinpointed. (your goal should be pinpointed and clear that every member of the team will be able to understand it.)

- Owned.( For a goal to be effective, relationships must be based on understanding and buy-in from all parties.)

- Well-defined.(The goal must be very well-defined and also known by all team members. You must be able to measure the goal to know the real outcome of the project.) - Energizing. (The goal must be challanging for team members so they will feel passion while they work for it.)

- Resource framed. (You need a goal that is resource framed.This means you must know how much time and budget do you have to accomplish the projectif there is any flexibility in the deadline, if there is any flexibility in the resources available for the project, etc. This help you have a very clear look upon the project.)

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