Be the Projectís Champion

One of the most interesting books we've read in our childhood was about Tom Sawyer and his adventures. And in this book, among all the funny things there was also a moment when Tom had to pain the fence and he wasn't very happy about it. At the beginning he complained and nobody wanted to help him, but after a while he changed his attitude and started to be excited about painting the fence. Then all his friends wanted to do it too and they helped him. The main idea about all this is that it's very important to know how to present a certain task to the others in order to make them want to do it.

In a project it's esentially to mantain the team spirit high and to make people be enthusiastic about their jobs. It is known that people always work harder and give better results when they work for pleasure than when they work because they have to. And one of the secrets for a succesfull project is to combine the tasks with the pleasure of making them.

You should keep in mind that it's not hard at all to share enthusiasm with the other team members. You just have to see the good sides of each task instead of the bad ones... You simply have to remember that every litle thing you do means another experience and teaches you something new about the world or about yorself.

So, just try to say "i like this" next time when you'll feel it. Like this the others will hear you and we'll get a bit of your enthusiasm and the project will work better. After all, isn't this what you want?!

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