Project Management

A set of well-defined methods and techniques for managing a team of people to accomplish a series of work tasks within a well-defined schedule and budget.

Project management involves a wide variety of tools/techniques, collectively called 'project management tool box'. They include for example work breakdown structure, earned value management (EVM), total quality management (TQM), concurrent engineering, flowcharts, PERT charts, GANTT charts, risk analysis, project monitoring...

Numerous management tools such as business plan, scorecard, team building techniques, project charter... are also commonly included in the project management tool box although some experts prefer to name them as 'strategic management' techniques or 'business tools'. More and more, these 'business approach' are used in projects and should not be ignored by the project team.

Our glossary of project management let you find the terms and definitions that are commonly used in business and project management. Use the form below to find a term.

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