Project Tracking Software

Project tracking software are applications that track how much time is spent on different projects and tasks. It is essentially a time tracking tool that makes it easier to record the time and manage the projects and clients.

The use of project tracking software is becoming common in project-oriented businesses, where it performs vital functions such as timesheet reporting and project management. The software also comes with advanced functionalities, filters and reports, hence managing the time more efficiently. It records projects and tasks and automatically allocates them towards the right client.

Project tracking software can start and stop time tracking both manually and automatically. This allows for billing the clients on time based on real reports. Working days can be better planned and time can be managed more effectively.

Project tracking software can be implemented in an organization where it can be supported by internet, intranet or Local Area Networks. This links the entire team together, allowing everyone to see the teamís progress in real time. Schedule information for the entire company can be viewed and project histories can be retrieved. The package also allows for running numerous projects and simultaneously managing tasks and sub-tasks within each of them.

Project tracking software are highly recommended for organizations with less experience in project management. Other features assisting the job include Communication Management, Report Generation, Team and Resource Management, and Document Management. All of these are offer powerful integration and customization capabilities to suit the needs of a particular firm.

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