Project templates

Project Closure Visitask offers a collection of project templates found in a downloadable form meant to help you better understand what are projects all about and to have the possibility of choosing a right approach to a specific project.

Our project templates contain basic information about the structure of a project and ways of dealing with it. By reading these project templates you will discover new ways of approaching and understand a project which will lead you to the success of your project.

Basically, we use our knowledge in this domain to teach you useful things. Through our project templates we show you how to organize and deal with a new project, step by step and including all the changes and risks possible.

Visitask offers to its readers all that we know about team building and project management. We like to believe that our tips and articles help you in your projects and that our project templates make the work easier for you. All we can do is providing you the information. Next itís up to you to read it and use it according to its purpose.

Project framework template
Risk analysis template
This template is intended to let a project team identify the project risks. It should be initiated during the planning phase, and updated regularly during the execution phase.
Failure Modes and Effects Analysis
This FMEA template allows to record the potential failures, analyze their causes and build a preventive or corrective action plan.
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