Tracking work helps you boost your projectís productivity

In the current context of high productivity and cost reduction demands, tracking work during the project lifecycle might be the difference between moving forward with your project and sinking with your ship. Work tracking refers to a subset of project management software used to track the work done in a project at a particular moment in time. All project-oriented businesses are faced with the challenge of recording work time and competently managing their resources, thus needing an efficient project management software for measurement and follow-up.

Companies that have adopted project follow-up and activity-based project management tools, tracking work as the project advances toward completion, find themselves in an advantageous position compared to organizations without a work tracking tool, since they have a considerably lighter administrative burden. Project management software typically automates task assignment, resource allocation and work/ milestone tracking.

Yet companies with a project-based organization often find it difficult to manage project follow-up while also measuring employee productivity and efficiency, because information is generally decentralized, imprecise or it simply arrives too late. Tracking work should be performed on a continuous basis as it has become essential that each department and project manager have direct real-time access to project data, allocate work time to labour, and produce reports, in order to be able to execute an accurate follow-up of the costs and work time to be invoiced.

Due to its many benefits, tracking work has become a must for any project manager who wants to maximize his teamís productivity. Some of its benefits include improved time management, reduced distraction from core work tasks, better business decision-making based on more precise information, more accurate client billing, and simplified timesheet administration.

By radically streamlining your projectís development processes, tracking work allows you to improve your organizationís productivity as a result of getting things done more quickly and efficiently. Tracking work also helps you to keep your project history, so you can retrieve it when you need it, and to compare your schedule to the initial project estimate.

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